Here comes the groom…

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Noting that for a long time, females had the luxury of down glowing the daylight blush with foundation, last month, HYPEBAE Beauty shared backstage images from Dior’s Fall 2019 Men’s show in Paris. The images show makeup artists grooming the male models’ brows, brushing on foundation, giving the boys a touch of lipgloss — using, of course, all Dior-branded makeup.

Certainly, there is nothing unusual about male models wearing makeup. What’s notable is that Dior would like you to know about it. Its luxury cohort Chanel has gone a step further; with the arrival of its new Boy de Chanel line in the United States this year, the brand is hoping men who weren’t previously interested in beauty will go out and buy some face spackle of their own.

The launch of Boy de Chanel is timely. With a booming menswear market, it is no longer taboo for men to have an interest in fashion. The overall messaging around makeup, meanwhile, has shifted toward self-expression, an idea that men can now more easily subscribe to. Streetwear savvy men are already spending thousands of dollars on luxury sneakers, bags and jewelry to enhance their appearance — why not makeup?

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